Interrogating Allyship in Cross-Race Doctoral Advising Relationships

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Hi Shana,I think that was a good call to [negotiation decision Shana had made] and it's so understandable that [something Nell asked about] is not negotiable. It's great you were able to get [two features of Shana’s forthcoming contract]. All so exciting!I'm sorry that the backdrop of all this is COVID-19 and yet more police brutality. Ernest [Morrell, Professor, University of Notre Dame] and I posted this Monday, connecting what happened to George Floyd to our field:[link to commentary]Best,Nell[email signature at the bottom of the chain, following Nell’s name, title, affiliations, address, contact info, and the following:]I acknowledge that land on which I live and work is the ancestral homeland of the Anishinaabeg and Wyandot peoples. I acknowledge that my employer, my family, and I benefit daily from past exploitation of and genocide against these peoples. I acknowledge that I have a responsibility to work toward just treatment of all peoples.




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Shana E Rochester

Shana E Rochester

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